Famous Dragons

List of Names: A to B

  • Abraxas
    Persian serpent with symbolic significance in Gnosticism. Also spelt Anbraxas or Abrasax.
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  • Akhekhu
    A four-legged serpent from Egypt that lived in the desert. Possibly supernatural.

  • Amphiptere
    A limbless, dragon-like winged serpent from North Africa.

  • Ananta Boga / Anantaboga
    King of the dragons in Javanese wayang tradition. Ruler of the kingdom of the dead.

  • Ancalagon the Black
    The mightiest dragon from J.R.R.Tolkien's "Middle Earth".

  • Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom
    A dragon from the Infinity Wars TCG

  • Apalala
    A water dwelling dragon who was converted to Buddhism by the Buddha
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  • Apophis / Apep
    In Egyptian mythology, Apophis was the serpent-like dragon that daily attempts to catch and destroy the sun god Re.

  • Arkanian Dragon
    Semi-sentient flying lizard from the planet Arkania in the Star Wars universe

  • Azhi Dahaki
    Three headed Persian dragon

  • Beowulf's Dragon
    Legendary hero Beowulf was finally killed in combat with a dragon. The hero's sword broke allowing the dragon to bite him - Beowulf later died from the poison.

  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    Super rare card for the Yugioh trading card game. This dragon appeared in episode 1, The Heart of Cards.
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  • Brinsop Dragon
    A British dragon that lived in a well in Duck's Pool Meadow in Brinsop. It was killed by a local knight - some say Saint George.