Famous Oriental Dragons

Here are some of the famous oriental dragons etc from the East of our world. This selection is extracted from the main dragon names list.
  • Fut's-Lung
    The Chinese Underworld Dragon

  • Haku
    The friendly, serpentine dragon from Spirited Away

  • Kiyo
    Kiyo was a Japanese waitress who, when spurned by a priest, turned herself into a dragon to seek revenge.

  • Lung
    The Chinese word for "dragon", also often found in the names of other dragons.

  • Ryujin
    The Japanese dragon who is god / king of the sea. Also known as Rinjin.
    Ryujin information

  • Tatsu
    A generic name for Japanese dragons.

  • Ti-Lung
    The Chinese Earth dragon.

  • Tien-Lung
    The Chinese Celestian dragon.

  • Uwibami
    A huge Japanese dragon that would snatch men from their horses then eat them.

  • Yofune Nushi
    A Japanese dragon that craved human flash. Once a year he demanded a maiden be sacificed to him.

  • Yong
    A generic name for Korean dragons.