Pocket Dragons

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Pocket Dragons are probably the twentieth century's most successful gift to the dragon world. These figurines depict cute whimsical dragons in a variety of guises - often up to some mischief - and have become highly collectible. They are, as the name suggests, just the right size to fit into the average pocket.

Pocket dragons are one of a number of ranges marketed by Collectible World Studios (formerly called Lilliput Lane - personally I prefer the old name).


The name "Pocket Dragons" is owned by artist Real Musgrave who creates the figures. Pocket dragons were originally launched in 1989 under the title "Real Musgrave's Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons". In fact the first pocket dragon wasn't a figurine but a print - of a dragon emerging from a pocket.

Much of the inspiration for the pocket dragons comes from Real's dog "Flower" (now sadly no longer with us) and his cats.

Pocket dragons are an ever-changing species, with new models being introduced frequently and older ones being "retired". The last of the original 1989 batch was retired in 1997. There are also a number of limited edition special figures, for example those available only to members of the official collectors' club.

To date over 300 different pocket dragons have been released, some of which are hard to find and extremely sought after. There is even a Collector's Handbook available.

Pocket Dragons have taken the world by storm and show no sign of slowing down.

"Pocket Dragons" is a registered trademark of Real Musgrave, licensed to Collectibles World Studios. Dragonorama is not associated with or endorsed by Collectible World Studios. Contact an authorised dealer for details of pride and availability.